Programming Resources

Programming Resources

January 27 2017 | Legacy Project

A transformative approach to game engine development

By Clive Gratton, Technical Director

At Digital Dragons 2017, Clive talks through the course taken for engine transformation. Alien: Isolation was initially prototyped using the tech from Viking: Battle for Asgard, an open world 3rd person melee combat game.





Writing games in very modern C++

By Guy Davidson, Coding Manager

At ACCU 2017, Guy considers the prospect of developing games using only standard C++. His talk covers the options available for the single developer learning to write games, and how this may change with the adoption of this new API. It will include plenty of simple examples and consider how this might change how C++ is taught and how this increases accessibility to school-age learners.





How we Rethought Device Abstraction

By Tamas Rabel, Lead Graphics Programmer

At Capsaicin 2017, Tamas talks through Total War device abstraction.





It’s in the Vents: The AI of Alien Isolation

By Andy Bray, Lead AI and Gameplay Programmer

Alien Isolation relies on systemic AI to deliver tension and scares. We look at the processes, techniques and decisions involved in delivering a systemic experience that would traditionally be scripted.





C++ Panel

With Guy Davidson, Coding Manager

An audience puts questions to a selection of members of the ISO C++ committee, including Creative Assembly's Coding Manager.





Making games: programming + mechanics

With Tim Gosling, Andy Bray and Clive Gratton

For BAFTA 2016 Young Game Designer, Creative Assembly share insights into programming.