3 September 2019
Creative Assembly is delighted to announce a partnership with Women in Games.
14 August 2019
In this BAFTA livestream tutorial we look at the importance of inherent asymmetry
2 August 2019
Announcement included the reveal of CCG Total War: ELYSIUM for PC and mobile.
18 June 2019
Facts, resources and insights into Character Art at Creative Assembly.
23 May 2019
Creative Assembly is proud to announce the launch of Total War™: THREE KINGDOMS, the first major historical game in the BAFTA award-winning Total War™ strategy series in six years
21 May 2019
CA showcases inspirational women leaders in a smart networking event this summer
15 May 2019
In this video, recorded live at EGX Rezzed 2019, we look at the pipeline between designers and programmers.
10 April 2019
The new state-of-the-art studio can house up to four hundred developers.
1 April 2019
CA opens annual traineeships across a variety of disciplines
7 February 2019
One of our 2018 trainees share his experience of starting out in the games industry.
6 February 2019
Two of our 2018 trainees share their experiences about starting out in the games industry.
11 December 2018
Creative Assembly's Studio Director and EVP of SEGA Studios, Tim Heaton, spoke to MCV
5 November 2018
Creative Assembly spoke to Facebook about inspiring more young people to pursue games related careers.
16 October 2018
Depicting scenes recorded using A Total War Saga: THRONES OF BRITANNIA, Creative Assembly has made a short documentary charting the rise and fall of the Anglo Saxons.
24 August 2018
Facts, resources and insights into motion capture at Creative Assembly.