Creative Chronicles: Dev Sessions and Tutorials

Creative Chronicles: Dev Sessions and Tutorials

August 17 2023 | Legacy Project

Creative Chronicles brings together key insights, information and data from the experts at Creative Assembly.

We hope this will inspire students and those considering a career in games development.

You can view our past materials; deep-dive presentations, live Q&As and more on Youtube. 


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How to be a Good Technical Animator
Collaboration First - be a great team player
Designing For Intuitive Player Experience
Keeping it Simple: Creating a Tutorial for a Grand Strategy Behemoth
Bringing Game Characters To Life - Animation Q&A
Mastering Generic Programming
Evolving the UI/UX of A Total War Saga: Troy using player feedback
How to prepare yourself for Game Production
An Intro to UI/UX in Games
How we use Motion Capture to tell stories
Character Art Portfolio Reviews
Making UI for Total War: a UI design pipeline
Creative Assembly talk industry careers and studio culture at National Student Pride 2021