Trainee Positions at CA

Trainee Positions at CA

1 April 2019

The Creative Assembly annual traineeships are now open to applications for 2019.

This year we have over twenty new trainee roles available across a variety of disciplines including:

  • Animation

  • Character art

  • Concept art

  • Cinematic animation

  • Environment art

  • Technical art

  • Technical animation

  • UI art

  • Programming, which are early opportunities to specialise in areas such as AI, Gameplay and Tools.

These positions are highly-sought after entry level roles which we open on an annual basis to support graduates and those looking to start out in the games industry. Our traineeships provide invaluable experience. You will receive mentorship, skill specific training and work closely with our experts across multi-disciplinary teams. Many of our past trainees have, in fact, continued their careers at Creative Assembly into more senior roles.


Top tips for trainees




You can hear from some of our 2018 trainees about their application process and their first impressions of life at CA.



If you have missed out on our 2019 Traineeships you can send us a speculative portfolio for other positions, or we will be opening future trainee positions in Spring each year.