Careers FAQ

Careers FAQs

Do you offer traineeships?

For graduate-level and more experienced individuals pursuing a career in the games industry, we offer a limited number of paid trainee positions across our expert teams every year. Our traineeships are open to applicants worldwide and can provide invaluable experience toward a career within the industry. Many of our past trainees have, in fact, continued their careers at Creative Assembly into more senior roles.

Our applications for traineeships open annually but we do have some occasional opportunities come up throughout the year. Keep an eye on our careers page for further information.

What is the recruitment process and how long does it take?

Once you have sent in your CV, portfolio or applied for one of our advertised roles, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement of receipt.

Our hiring managers will look through every single application, looking for the very best talent and we will get in touch with you once your application has been reviewed. This care and attention takes time, so whilst we aim to get in touch within three weeks, bear with us as during exceptionally busy periods it may take longer.

Throughout this process, you can always get in touch with our recruitment team directly if you want to check on the progress of your application or have any other questions about a career at Creative Assembly.

Can I send you my CV, even if you aren’t currently advertising the right role for me?

Yes. If we are not advertising a role that fits with your creative skills, but you feel your expertise would fit well here at Creative Assembly, we are still keen to hear from you. Please email your full CV with a covering letter and any portfolio or showreel information to our Recruitment team.

We keep speculative CVs on file for 24 months and will be in touch if anything suitable comes up. If you’d rather we didn’t keep your details on file, please let us know and we’ll remove these from our system.

What do you look for in an applicant?

We welcome all applicants, whether you’re just starting your career, are a veteran game developer or you are looking to change industries and wondering if your skills are transferable (the quick answer is yes, they are!). If you’re passionate about your craft and think your skills could be a good match for any of our open positions, we want to hear from you!

It’s not just C++ programmers and 3D artists we recruit. We look for a diverse array of individuals with fantastic skills in areas such as project management, data analysis, marketing and more.

You may notice that some of our roles request specific information such as a portfolio or showreel to help demonstrate your abilities. Please read the job description carefully and be sure to include this, if required.

What should I put in my cover letter?

A cover letter is a great way to tell us more about yourself. What it is that you are passionate about and why you want to join CA. We want to support your career development, so tell us what aspects of the role particularly interest you and what you hope to achieve at CA.

If you’re new to the games industry, you may want to expand upon any transferrable skills listed in your CV/resume, share details of courses you’ve undertaken or tell us about any personal projects that you’re particularly proud of. We’re always looking for new ideas and perspectives, so be sure to tell us what makes you stand out.

Any advice for putting a showreel together?

Any showreel should be as concise and up-to-date as possible, with your skills, experience and the very best examples of your work clearly highlighted. Quality of work, versus quantity, is our key focus for every one of our positions and it is worth keeping in mind that making the first few minutes of any showreel as impactful as possible is vital to ensure you capture the audience’s attention and that your skills stand out from other applications.

Finally, please ensure any content which you submit for our consideration is not subject to any confidentiality or embargo restrictions.

Do you accept job applications from outside the UK?

Yes – CA is a diverse, multi-cultural and multi-national studio. We have locations in Sussex, UK, Newcastle, UK and Sofia, Bulgaria. We look for the best talent and we want to receive applications from all over the world. If you already have the right to work in the UK, this will make the process quicker. However, for successful applicants who do not already have this in place, we work hard to support you through the working visa application process.

We also provide visa and relocation assistance to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

I have a disability that could affect my work, how can CA support me?

Creative Assembly is committed to ensuring our teams – and prospective applicants – are supported to overcome work related obstacles resulting from disability, whether during the application process or upon successful appointment to the studio. If you have any questions about accessibility to the studio, interviews or want more information from our recruitment team, please contact our Recruitment team

I’d love to do some work experience at CA – would this be possible?

Unfortunately, we do not offer work experience placements. We do, however, work with local communities and schools. Find out more about our Legacy Project.

Due to the huge number of enquiries we receive, we cannot reply to individual queries about work experience.

What qualifications will I need, to start a career in the games industry and where can I go for more information?

Although qualifications specific to an industry recognised discipline, such as sound design, or programming, may be beneficial, as are qualifications in science, technology, maths or art, it’s the quality of your work and your portfolio that best represent your skill.