New UK studio and Motion Capture facility

New UK studio and Motion Capture facility

April 13 2021 | Studio

  • To support continuing growth Creative Assembly has opened a third UK studio in West Sussex, UK
  • The specialist Motion Capture facility has been relocated to a newly designed state-of-the-art site
  • All UK studios have been refurbished to support more flexible working, looking ahead to a new post-COVID work model


With 800 permanent employees Creative Assembly (CA) represents the largest UK games developer.

The studio has grown by over 20% in the last year and continues to grow its community of fans including the 7.5 million players who rushed to claim A Total War Saga: TROY in a single day in August 2020. The 20-year-old Total War series has sold more than 36 million standalone games and sees over 1.5million players each month. 

The addition of the new studio brings CA’s total development space to over 100,000 square feet which encompasses three UK studios, a specialist Motion Capture facility, and an Eastern European base with CA Sofia in Bulgaria. Alongside the opening of a third UK studio, CA has relocated its Motion Capture facility and refurbished all UK sites with a renewed focus on collaborative working environments to support future flexible working plans. 

Creative Assembly’s Studio Director, Gareth Edmondson said; 

“This is an incredibly exciting time for Creative Assembly with the highly-anticipated Total War: WARHAMMER III on the horizon and our new sci-fi-shooter IP in development. We are already home to some of the best talent out there and we are growing. 

“We have a fantastic reputation for being one of the best game developers to work for with our positive approach to work-life balance. I want to continue to build on this and see an end to the traditional 9-5 in-office work model. 

“In the future we’ll be transforming our working model to embed flexibility as the norm, and we need the right environment to achieve that. While we want to amplify the benefits of remote working we also recognise that there is no virtual substitution to in-person creative collaboration, so we’ll be redesigning our working rhythm as well as our environment to focus on creativity and innovation when we are in the office.” 

The UK studios now include over 30 open plan and private meeting spaces, presentation spaces, over 20 specialised audio suites, playtest rooms, a User Experience Laboratory as well as the significantly upgraded Motion Capture Studio. 

All of CA’s operations remain fully remote for the time being in response to COVID-19.