Inspiring the coders of tomorrow

Inspiring the coders of tomorrow

With our Creative Assembly Ambassadors to hand, each Saturday experts attend Coder Dojo's Saturday Coding Club for kids. While no programming experience is required, we teach students the languages we use for programming through fun projects every term. Coder Dojo’s main focus is on Python, however they don’t limit themselves and are currently looking at a bit of Javascript.

The project is looking to expand with a focus on getting more girls in to coding – it’s fantastic to see so much enthusiasm from students who really want to get stuck into the basics of coding.

"It amazes me every week that the children have such a big appetite and desire to learn complex languages – and they pick it up really easily! We want to encourage the kids to act as mentors to others as they become more experienced, spreading the word about the fun."

Tom Benyon - CA Web Developer and organiser of Coder Dojo

We also support a local school, Tanbridge House School, with their Makey Makey competition which is now in its third year.

Students from the primary school are tasked with creating an interactive game using a Makey Makey kit and Scratch programming software. We always see an incredibly high standard of entries and in the past have even seen an interactive guitar and dance-mat controller.

Make Makey image 1
Makey Makey image 2

We encourage our team to get involved in activities that help support students and those starting out in the industry. Through our Legacy Project we aim to have a visible and lasting impact on the future UK games industry.