Character Rigger: Jodie Azhar

Character Rigger: Jodie Azhar

Who are you?

I'm Jodie Azhar, a character rigger on the Total War team.

What’s it like to be a Character Rigger?

Being a character rigger is pretty awesome as I get to work with most of the different departments to ensure animated assets are set up correctly for the game. This means that I get to see a lot of the different areas of development and how they work with the animation system and progress throughout a project.

I spend a lot of time building tools to improve the animation pipeline and enable the animators to work efficiently by automating repetitive and error prone tasks,  and work with the code team solving technical issues we encounter. This allows us to focus more on creating high quality, unique animations and is very rewarding seeing the impact of my work through feedback from the animation team.

Why did you join CA?

I joined CA for the opportunity to work on Total War. With it being such a vast game with a large variety of animated assets, and often a lot happening on screen at any one time, I saw interesting technical challenges arising. I get to help create solutions to improve the quality of the animation system and implement any new animation features that require input from the art team. 

What does your average day look like?

Most of my day to day work involves writing scripted tools to improve the animation pipeline. I'm always looking for ways to help speed up the animation process and make it easier for animators to bring the characters to life.
I also have to stay on top of any specific rigging tasks to make sure that animators have characters to animate and that they work as intended in the game.

What’s the best part of working at CA?

I get to work with a diverse range of people from different backgrounds. There are many talented people who have come to work at CA from across the world, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge from different areas of the games industry and beyond. 

What advice would you give to games professionals interested in working here?

Working at CA gives you the opportunity to work on some big projects. Whilst this means that there are lots of people to learn from it's also important to be motivated, continually improve and keep a focus on how your work fits into and improves the overall game.