‘RISE’ – Game Jam description – Project ‘HELP: The Game’

Creative Assembly is proud to present ‘Rise’ – a beautiful, beat-based platformer where you aim for the sky and beyond.

Rise is featured alongside a collection of games donated by various studios, developed in a game jam-like format over six days, in aid of the charity War Child, which supports children and young people affected by war. This very special bundle of games is entitled ‘HELP: The Game’ and is available to buy now from Steam, here.

To learn more about War Child, head to their website by clicking here.

The team behind Rise were chosen to represent Creative Assembly for this worthy cause, following their winning entry to our 2015 ‘Franco Jam’ competition.

Franco Jam is an annual, weekend-long game jam which has been held by the Creative Assembly team since 2014, to honour and remember our dear friend and colleague Simon Franco. Each year, the Franco Jam helps to raise money for the Millbridge Ward of the Royal Surrey County Hospital, where Simon was treated before he sadly passed away.

In developing Rise, the team focused on a solid core concept and simple gameplay loop, allowing them to keep the scope of development contained, whilst allowing for replayability and enjoyability. The team were keen to evoke a sense of War Child’s cause, basing the story on the concept of our hero’s endeavours to stay positive in the face of adversity, maintaining focus on thoughts of a loved one whilst overcoming each challenge faced along the way.

Thanks to Doug, our Game Jam music hero, the soundtrack helps to create an unforgettable experience that reflects the difficulty as the game progresses.

Some words from the team:

  • Ciro Duran: (Core gameplay, UI and code structure programmer)

“I enjoyed the process overall, as we had a very smooth process, with lots of positivity between all members. We all had great communication levels, with the ability to tackle tasks as they came and fix bugs between us. 10/10 would work again with this team!

We hope that this game makes the ‘HELP: The Game’ bundle worthwhile for all the players, so they can have fun and help War Child achieve their objectives too.”


  • Simon Mann: (Store, unlockable and collectable programmer)

“It’s a great feeling to know that you’re doing something to help others; especially when it means you also get to make a game while doing it! The great thing about jams is that you get to try on different hats. By day I’m a designer, but by Game Jam I get to pretend I’m a programmer! The important thing about Game Jams is that everyone should learn and everyone should be a key part of the game; you really have to throw away any ego and approach it as a team of equals. It’s been brilliant fun to develop such a quirky and different game, and I really hope that anyone who tries it has a great time!”


  • Matthieu Gueguen: (Character design, Backgrounds, Additional UI)

“Game Jams are always such an enjoyment for artists like me. Refreshing, they allow us to go out of our comfort zone and be driven only by creativity. Knowing that it was for charity gave us a goal, a reason to finish the game and make it the best we can. I had a great time making it and I hope everyone will have a great time playing it!”


  • Chloe Bonnet: (Animation, character design, UI, additional backgrounds)

“Taking part in a game jam is always extremely challenging but it is at the same time excessively creative:

Art wise, you are completely free to create and develop, which is the most exciting bit.
Working with the “team Rise” was a real blast, as everyone completely trusted each other and knew that all efforts combined would lead to the wicked result that is “Rise”. Voila!”


  • Aik (Wittawat Keawcharoen): (Beat detection and a general programmer)

“I love our positivity and our team spirit a lot. These people never fail me when it comes down to this.

We work hard and keep smiling. We always try and want to push those boundaries, we never play safe, and even if this can at times make things more difficult it also makes it more memorable!

I think the game represented everything we wanted to do for the War Child charity.

Our goal is to give the player the best non-violence experience with high replay-ability while exploring the music based genre. We also wanted the game to have a personal touch by letting the player use his own music.”


  • Peter Stewart: (writer)

“Being approached and asked to write for the War Child game jam was an absolute honour for me. It was a huge privilege to be able to breathe a little life into the world and character that the guys had created so beautifully, and I’m glad I was able to help in a small way to creating what is a really sweet, charming game, and for such a wonderful cause. I hope everyone enjoys the game and the entire HELP: The Game bundle – it’s for an extremely worthy cause. Thanks!”


  • Matthias Varlet: (Marketing)

“I was asked by Aik to help the team out to ensure the Steam page, creative assets and general communications went out in time ensuring the game had the visibility it deserved. It has been an extremely enjoyable and thrilling moment learning new skills while shielding the team from the Marketing side saving them precious time to finish and polish the game. I can’t be prouder than having been able to help them as much as I could seeing the positive spirit and enthusiasm they were putting in making this game the best they could!”


  • Emma Smith: (Team organiser and third party liaison manager)

“It was an absolute pleasure to support the team. I am incredibly proud to work alongside such fantastic and dedicated creative developers. Seeing their enthusiasm and passion come alive whilst working on this project was inspirational. CA is well-known for its quality products but what really shone through here was their genuine love of playing games and wanting to share that with the world. What they have achieved in the time given is no mean feat; they totally owned it and you can see that in the final product. Congrats team!”


We all hope you enjoy ‘Rise’ and the other games which have been bundled to form this incredible collection.


Please join us in supporting this great cause. Head to the Steam page here to download HELP: The Game.


Creative Assembly