Creative Assembly Mocap Studio

Creative Assembly Mocap Studio

Motion capture is at the heart of all our projects here at Creative Assembly, adding another level of authenticity and fidelity to our award-winning games.

From its humble beginnings as a large empty warehouse, we are very happy to announce that we have opened the largest studio-owned motion capture facility in Europe.

Sporting 46 cameras and a 12 metre-by-13 metre capture volume, we’ll be using this new area for not only Rome II but also our future console project – as well as WHO KNOWS what else.

Once up and running we opened the studio to our very own community team and Rally Point stars, Craig and Will. In the Rally Point MoCap special they interviewed Pete Clapperton, our MoCap specialist. The feature also showed the great work the professional mo-cap artists do, tied in with some questionable moves by the CA Dev team.

To mark the official opening of the new facility, we invited along some members of the UK press. Journalists from the likes of PC Gamer and Digital Spy spent the day in full lycra being captured and demonstrating their best combat moves for Rome II. You can read a couple of their experiences from the day using the following links:

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