Makey Makey Competion

Makey Makey Competion
We proudly supported Tanbridge House School in their second year of the Makey Makey competition in May this year.

Students from local Primary schools visited Tanbridge for the final of the Horsham Schools Video Games Design Competition.

The students had been working on their creations since last Autumn when they were tasked with creating an interactive game using a Makey Makey kit and Scratch programming software.

The standard of entries was incredibly high, with an interactive guitar and dance-mat among the controllers on offer, but Southwater Junior Academy came out as the winners overall who received prizes of their own Makey Makey kits and guide books, so they can carry on making new games in their spare time.

Makey Makey

Mr Garrett, Technology Teacher and leader of the project at Tanbridge House School, said “The quality of the games was even higher this year and the students certainly had a great time designing, and testing, the games.”