Lead UI Programmer

We are seeking an experienced, talented programmer who is an expert in UI creation to join our Halo Wars Team.

 A good communicator and organiser, they should lead a team by example producing flexible, data driven systems that are robust.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create next generation UI systems
  • Be the point of contact with the graphics, content teams for all things UI related.
  • Creating data driven systems and toolsets for fast iteration of game content.
  • Manage the coders working on the UI.
  • Report to the Team Lead.

    Knowledge, Skill and Experience


  • A good BSc degree or equivalent in a relevant subject such as maths, computer science or engineering.
  • Fluent C++
  • A thorough understanding of Scaleform and/or other flash/action script based UI solutions.


  • Experience of development on XB1, PS4 and PC platforms.
  • Multi-threaded / multi core techniques.