Game Experience Manager

Sorry, this position is closed

We’re sorry but we are no longer accepting applications for this position. Please see our jobs page for other opportunities in the studio.

The Game Experience Manager will be the development team’s key point of contact for ascertaining the public perception of features and functionality with regards to released titles.

Position overview

They will be responsible for crystallising a clear and honest picture of any title we have released in the minds of the developers, supporting with an unbiased approach.

This is a senior role within the Total War Brand Team and would suit someone with extensive experience within a games development studio, with a strong appreciation of design and in-game knowledge and appreciation, capable of making credible recommendations for developers to pursue based on legitimate feedback.

The role is also a public-facing position, with a direct and well-publicised function in responding to the player-base, and so requires a very healthy and mature attitude in dealing professionally and approachably with a passionate fan base.

The role will also encompass management of Total War beta and user testing programmes, plus management of technical moderators and oversight of support forums and our interaction with SEGA customer support. It demands excellent interpersonal skills and exceptional communication skills.

Key Responsibilities


  • Represents the voice of the player base internally in the studio, coordinating and delivering feedback from the community to the development team. Is the go-to person for community perception of features, functionality and desires
  • Analyses and indexes community feedback from multiple sources (forums, Reddit, social media) and appropriately summarises
  • Distinguishes between vocal minority and representative feedback for development through the above categorisation and summarisation. Must be able to adopt a level-headed objective and holistic viewpoint while also providing deep-dive feedback where required
  • Communicates pro-actively with the playerbase, being positioned as a direct line for the community to access the development team and provide relevant responses back to the public
  • Recommends priority bug and feedback issues, based on consultation with the rest of the Brand and Community team, and relying on a deep knowledge of the player base and game design goals, limitations and practicalities
  • Produces regular technical and sentiment reports and presents on a regular basis to team leads. Actively seeks to inject themselves into the development process and identify areas where feedback and or reports can positively contribute
  • Takes an active an informed interest in player focus testing and regular polling of game feedback outside of launch periods
  • Owns customer service planning and delivery, coordinating with third party providers, the Total War Universe and Web team and SEGA's customer support functions
  • Organises and supports internal QA in the provision of customer service support during peak times (i.e. product launches)
  • Maintains strong communications links to departments which require feedback and identifies needs in order to best provide decision support information and data
  • Regularly audits and tests customer experience to assess value of existing Customer Support and identify improvements


Knowledge, Skill and Experience



  • Extremely strong communicator and team player with a proven track record of successfully collaborating within large scale organisations
  • Knowledge and appreciation of game design processes
  • Familiarity with QA and general experience of development process and methodologies
  • Capable of succinct summary and analysis of complex problems
  • Comfortable with making recommendations on data and dealing with stakeholders of all levels of seniority
  • Clear written reporting style
  • Familiarity with customer service management systems
  • Familiarity across social media platforms and forums
  • Calm, diplomatic manner with a strong record of customer satisfaction

This job description is an accurate reflection of the duties and responsibilities of the post as at the time of writing but will be changed from time to time as the job is a career development job which will be adjusted according to the progress of the job holder. It does not form part of the contract of employment.