Gameplay Programmer

Total War Programming
As a gameplay programmer on the legendary Total War series, you will develop the next generation of exciting and innovative features for upcoming Total War products.

You will work closely with artists and designers in building great gameplay experiences, providing input to the feature development process and seeing through features from inception to release. You will use the latest C++ technologies to create fast, highly maintainable, re-usable code with a strong focus on code quality.

Successful candidates will work across a broad range of systems, including gameplay features, data pipelines integral to the game, UI and scene management code, as well as being responsible for optimisation and general performance across a broad range of areas.

Key Responsibilities
  • Create new and exciting gameplay features to extend Total War’s reputation for great gameplay, with a strong focus on high performance, reusability and maintainability
  • Work closely with both artists and designers to deliver high-quality features, whilst providing input to the feature development process
  • Improve and maintain existing engine features whilst discovering opportunities to modernise, improve and optimise these features
  • Utilise modern C++ including C++11 and C++14 to create flexible, maintainable and fast code to the highest standard
Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Strong academic background with a 2:1 degree or higher (or equivalent) in a relevant technical field such as computer science, software engineering, mathematics or physics
  • Excellent C++ programming skillset
  • Strong analytical and mathematical ability
  • Good communication skills to enable effective collaboration with programmers, designers, artists and management staff
  • Experience as a programmer in the games industry – at least 2 shipped titles
  • Experience with C++11/C++14
  • Experience developing gameplay systems for strategy games or similar
  • Broad gaming experience and a sense of good game design
  • A keen player of strategy games and games in general, including Total War
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