Volunteering at Springboard Project

A few of us at Creative Assembly took part in volunteering on Saturday the 15th of August at The Springboard Project; a day centre/respite for families with children of all ages and abilities to play, learn, socialise and relax.



They were looking for artists to help with rejuvenating the whole centre and CA were allocated the soft play room walls. It was looking incredibly worn and they don’t receive any outside funding to cover any of the costs, they rely on their own fundraising and donations from other organisations.

They requested an ‘Under the Sea’ theme and were in desperate need of this make-over and seeing as they are based literally round the corner from us, we thought we would help them out.

We supplied the paint and brushes and came up with a design that we thought would engage the children and uplift the room. It was a great day with around 8-9 of us chipping in and getting busy with the paint, spending 7 hours (9am until 4pm) in total to complete.

Here is an account of what the day entailed from Amy Renals;

After popping into the office early on Saturday to pick some things up myself and Becky went over to the centre with a projector (thanks to James in the IT department) to begin the mural. We arrived to find only one wall had been painted with the light blue base colour so we had our work cut out for us! We were left to our own devices after being shown the ropes by the centre manager Vickie Toms and proceeded to spend the best part of an hour trying to get the projector high and level enough to begin.

Becky tasked herself with painting the remaining walls (which ended up, even with help taking a good 3 or so hours as we had to really stretch the paint) and the lovely volunteers Daria, Richard, Clara, Sandra, Marianna, Virgil, Gabriel, Chloe, Adeline and Kim sketched the mural on the wall and helped Becky with the blue paint. It was tough as a lot of the soft play equipment was fixed in the room so we had to work around it…painting whilst balancing a ladder on a spongy block isn’t ideal!

Everyone worked through the day without stopping and we all seemed to work well together which has got to be a first with a room full of creatives on top of each other – we even voted on a couple of things! As we were finishing up the block colour a few of us grabbed a Sharpie and began adding detail and outline to the mural which really gave it definition. There was a great atmosphere as we all knuckled down and concentrated on doing the best we could for the centre and were all pleased with the end result given the time restriction

On behalf of Creative Assembly and the Springboard Project, I want to thank everyone for their time especially as they gave up their whole Saturday to help out. The centre are really pleased with the result which is great.

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