Coder Dojo - Tanbridge House School and Creative Assembly

Coder Dojo - Tanbridge House School and Creative Assembly
CA and Tanbridge House School took part in Horsham’s first Coder Dojo club on Saturday.

The club is designed to help teach children from the ages of 7 to 17 learn to code with clubs located all over the country. There wasn’t currently one set up in Horsham so after discussions amongst HR and the school, it was decided that THS would be a great base and starting point for the sessions. They are currently structured around teaching the children how to program games using Python and consists of 12 pupils from THS aged around 14-15 years, running Saturday mornings on a weekly basis.

Working in conjunction with the school, we have had 8-12 CA volunteers sign up to be mentors to the children during the Coder Dojo sessions, the majority of which are programmers, but providing you have the enthusiasm and can offer encouragement and support to the children, you don’t have to be an expert in Python code and can sign up. Hell, you could even bring your laptop and learn with them!

Saturday was the first session and went really well, with the children demonstrating a great desire and appetite to learn. As the session’s progress and the children develop their programming language knowledge, we hope to encourage them to start thinking of their own projects to work on, allowing us to take on new members to the club, with the previous students becoming mentors to them.

It was really rewarding to see the children excited about code and being a mentor is a great way to spend the occasional Saturday.