Table Top Tournament EGX 2015

Community Coordinator- Joey Dalton, talks through the Warhammer Fantasy Battles table top presence alongside Total War: WARHAMMER.

EGX ran for four days, from Thursday to Sunday, and I decided the best days to host our tournament was on the weekend. On Thursday and Friday we had two open tables and provided 4 armies at a 500 point value for anyone that was interesting in having a game with friends or just wanted to learn more about the game. I taught a few groups of people how to play and was assisted by Charlotte and Stacey. We only had two open tables playable as I wasn’t sure how many people would want to play but I wish I had opened more as many people were booking slots throughout the day and there was a lot of interest.

In the weeks coming up to the event I was in contact with a few local gaming groups in the Birmingham area to see if anyone was interested in taking part in the tournament. On Saturday morning I picked up 8 players that I had enlisted for the tournament, outside the NEC. We had never met before and I was nervous that I would miss someone but fortunately I spotted the large army cases and escorted them into the venue.

The tournament was hosted and run by Jon- Jo Miller and assisted by Vincent Klose, who had flown all the way from Berlin to take part. They kept an eye on the results of the game and the following match- ups. I provided everyone with Warhammer T-shirts and got lunch for them so they could check out the event in their breaks in between games and of course, so they could check out Total War: WARHAMMER.

On Sunday the final game would be played on our Black Fire Pass table top terrain with Aaron Clarke’s Bretonnians vs Katie Darwood’s Dark Elves. It was a close game but it was the Comet of Cassandora that caused mass casualties to  both sides.

The victors were determined by how many casualties were caused by each side and adding up the point value. After 6 games there were two victors who both had the same amount of victory points. Serj Tkach and Vincent Klose who will both receive a limited edition copy of Total War: WARHAMMER when it’s released.


Winners thoughts- Vincent 

As always in a tournament: Winning it is a secondary achievement. More important is the fact that I was able to be part of the awesome event that was happening at the EGX. Even more important was to show other nerds the nerdy stuff I am into. To share my views on the tabletop game with other players and to get to play awesome games with a lot of people watching me. Sure - the prize is also a great side side effect. But even if I would have lost every game it would have been a great experience to come in touch with the awesome crew CA delivered. Only when winning a secondary achievement is, then you know that is was worth flying from Berlin to Birmingham.”

Winners thoughts- Serj

I was invited to promote the new Total War: Warhammer game by participating in a tabletop tournament using fantasy 8th edition models and rules. I was excited to be given such an exciting opportunity as it doesn't happen very often. I arrived to the tournament at the NEC and the atmosphere was great. The setup was near the total war game so passers by could watch and then we could have a chat and point them towards the gameplay stand. The players were all very talkative and helped promote the game and they were nice to play against as I only get to play at home usually. There were varied level players so the games were fun and also challenging depending on the player.  I had pleasure in talking to the public  and telling them about total war. I think playing the table top version really helped to reel the public in as thy could see for themselves what it's all about. I had various people ask me questions which included people of all age ranges which was nice to see. Winning the tournament was a great achievement for me but even if I hadn't I still throughly enjoyed my time and thought that is was such a good way to help promote the game. I had a chance to play the game myself and I love how it incorporates tabletop gameplay onto PC.”