CA Art Team- Facial Anatomy Training

Here at Creative Assembly, we’ve just completed our first 3 days class of facial anatomy training for artists.

It was an inspiring experience and definitely boosted not only our morale but also, most importantly, our knowledge of facial structures, expressions and so on.


Below is a sample of what happened during the three days we were taught by the great Scott Eaton – we learned about the different important components that makes a face look like the way it does, from the skull landmarks, fat, tendons, muscles all the way up to the superficial skin.


Some feedback received from the attendees included,  “It was AWESOME!!!! I really really enjoyed it. I love how thorough Scott Eaton is, I learned so much in just 3 days. Not only was he full of knowledge about facial anatomy, his teaching style was fun and very engaging. I didn’t lose concentration or get bored at all. He is such a laid-back guy who has a great sense of humour, so the atmosphere was fun yet focused.”


“It’s fantastic. Although I just did Scott’s online course in July, and most of his material are similar, I still find it very interesting and felt involved in the course by layering clay on top of the skull.”


“Bringing Scott was a great idea, he is an incredible teacher and he is very knowledgeable. He simplified complex subjects in a way we could understand and retain the information. The course gave me some really valuable tips on how to make my characters look better and motivated me to do a better job on a daily basis”.


Here is Scott’s website if you are curious and want to find out more: