All work, all play at Franco Jam 1.2

Franco Jam is back for a third year, and while the Creative Assembly team take part in the game jam, fans are invited to join in through the Total War twitch channel.

While the CA jammers work tirelessly to create their own games within 48hrs, the weekend-long twitch stream offers plenty of opportunities for fans to get involved, including:

·         game code giveaways every half hour, from indie to AAA titles on PC, Xbox and PS4

·         in-game incentives, including the chance to watch the CA team in a blindfolded Alien: Isolation run!

·         back to back gameplay from our team’s personal archives of favourite titles

·         regular updates on Creative Assembly’s internal game jam; Franco Jam


Game code giveaways, with all funds raised going to charity, will start from 5pm GMT on 11th November 2016.

While our fans are being entertained via our streaming activity, teams across CA will be racing against each other, and the clock, in a 48hour marathon of creativity, to craft a game from scratch based on a surprise theme. The winning game will be announced on Monday 14th November, ending the weekend-long charity drive.

Creative Assembly’s annual charity Game Jam, ‘Franco Jam’, in honour of the UK games studios Senior Programmer, Simon Franco, is now in its third year. The weekend-long in-house Game Jam is set to kick off on the 11th November 2016 at 5pm, to once again celebrate the memory of Simon, and to raise funds for a charity of his family’s choosing.

This year, all funds raised are donated to Team Verrico, a UK charity who fund treatment, diagnosis and support for those suffering from rare and hard to treat cancers.

Simon Franco’s legacy extends beyond Franco Jam, as one of the team’s main motivators for establishing Creative Assembly’s Legacy Project, which represents our commitment to making significant and enduring contributions to local education, the local community and charities.

Click here to find out more about Creative Assembly’s Legacy Project.